Hearing music the way it was meant to be played is one of the joys of life. The same goes for watching your favourite show on a huge screen and surround sound. HomeTech specialises in audio and home theatre installation and we can help you create a tailored system that matches your budget and blows your mind.

Sound systems

The key to creating a custom home audio system is matching it to the acoustic design of your home. From single and multi-room systems to outdoor speakers, we can work with your choice of equipment or advise you on putting a system together. Our technicians will take care of the installation work and ensure your system is fully configured and ready to sit back and enjoy.

Soundbars and Subwoofers

A professionally installed and configured soundbar or subwoofer can transform your TV into a cinema-like experience. Our technicians can advise you on choosing the right soundbar for your home and the best positioning for optimal performance. “Not all sound bars are equal”

Home Theatre

From a dedicated projection room to a cozy corner in the lounge, we can help you create the perfect home theatre experience.