Subtle, simple to use and sophisticated, Home Tech Solutions are your home security experts. Everyone wants to feel secure in their own home and we are here to help you feel more at ease with some affordable state-of-the-art security systems.


An excellent security camera system doesn’t need to break the bank. Our wired or wireless options can be monitored from your phone and work indoors and outdoors with sound and speaker capability. Our technicians will assess your property and advise on the best option to keep you and your home safe and secure.

Alarm systems

Every home is different when it comes to choosing and installing the right alarm system. There is a wide range of options and our technicians will conduct a thorough review of your home to determine the best configuration and locations for your alarm.

Smartlocks and doorbell cameras

We can fit your existing door with a great looking smart lock that lets you unlock the door with a code, fingerprint or swipe card. You control who can enter and when, remotely from your phone. The next level of door security is a door camera that will let you see who is calling and talk to them from anywhere via your phone. If you’re not there to answer the door, the camera can record a video of the caller for you to review.