It’s always the first question… “how much does it cost?”

We have a basic call out fee of $60 plus a minimum charge of 20 minutes @ $40. Thereafter $20 for every 10 minutes. Naturally, there is a cost for materials such as cables, connectors, aerials etc, and we will always let you know what this will be once we have assessed the job.

No job is too small or too big, as we cover every technical aspect of your home.

Can you make my TV into a smart TV?

Yes, we can, depending on how old it is. However sometimes a new TV can enhance your whole viewing experience. Our technicians will advise on the best options for your circumstance.

My TV picture is pixelated. Can you fix it?

Yes, we can. Our technicians fix this very common problem all the time. Not only will they reset your TV, but will also check your aerial and connections to ensure you have the best reception possible.

If I get a Smart Door Lock installed, can I answer it from my phone?

Yes, you can. A Smart door lock or doorbell allows you to see who is at the door and talk to them from your phone. With a Smart door lock you are even able to unlock your door to let them in.

Can I install a camera anywhere around my home?

Yes, you can. Many cameras are both wired and wireless. Wireless can be charged from a solar panel with no need to connect to power. They all simply connect to your phone through WIFI and mobile so you can monitor your cameras from anywhere at any time.

If I install an alarm system, can I control it through my phone?

Yes, you can. The alarm systems we install are state of the art so all the functions are controlled by you through your phone or a central command station in your home.

Can smoke detectors be wired to my alarm system?

Yes, they can. However, you will need a compatible alarm system. Our technicians can offer advice on an alarm system that suits your requirements.

I am away and my alarm goes off. What do I do?

You can have you alarm monitored by a security company who will respond to all alarm alerts. Our technicians can advise you on the right alarm system for your situation.

Can I have one remote for all my entertainment devices?

Yes, you can. We will set up one remote to free you of multiple remotes and make it simple to control your TV, amplifier, CD player or any other entertainment device.

Are there Smart devices that, with voice control, can control multiple aspects in the home?

Alexa, Siri and Google all have voice-controlled devices to enable you to turn on or off various items such as your TV, lights, solar power, heating and many other uses. They will also answer any questions such as weather forecasts, times in other countries, news, spelling, play music, just about anything that comes to mind. Our technicians will supply and install the device and link it to any compatible device in your home.